PESHAWAR - Following the order of Peshawar High Court regarding stopping cattle smuggling to Afghanistan, the government has controlled the cattle smuggling to Afghanistan, which greatly contributed to the stability of cattle markets in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Sources in Khyber Agency told this scribe hat though smuggling has been stopped via main Torkham Border yet still there are certain points in Khyber Agency, through which smugglers and Khassadar forces are jointly smuggling animals along with beef and meet. These border points include Zaman Sapary check posts, Bacha Miana and Kabul Miana beside some routes in Shalman area.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has established several checkpoints with the assistance of political administration at various places on highways connecting KPK with Fata to control the cattle smuggling but the trend of the internal corruption in Khsadar forces could ease the way for smugglers.

The government has also requested the political administration to ensure strict vigilance on all the entry and exit points in the province to control the menace of cattle smuggling. The Peshawar High Court has recently issued directives to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to control the cattle smuggling to ensure cheap availability of the sacrificial animals.

A resident of Khyber Agency Ahmad Nabi told this scribe that instead of strict checking on border check posts, Khassadar forces have increased checking on internal check posts, which was adding to the miseries of the masses. He said that people bringing animals from one village to another are difficult for them to shift it without paying to Khassadar forces. 

He said that instead of internal check posts the political administration should keep all their eyes on border areas where influential people are engage in this business.

The order of Peshawar High Court has contributed much for controlling the prices as previously records of cattle smuggling has been broken.

Though the smuggling of cattle is still continued on some locations, yet it has been greatly lessened due to the order of Peshawar High Court.

One of the resident of Peshawar Tehkal area told this correspondent that prices of sacrificial animals were controlled to some extent as compare to previous year as there is balance in supply and demand.

Large number of cattle markets has been opened at deferent vicinities of the city which include Pirdos, Hashnagri, Paggi Road, Gul Barg, Swato Patak, Bara Gat, Peshtakhara and Palosi where great rush of the customers witnessed by this scribe.

Some well-off people buy those animals, which are costlier as they have no concern with prices but only to get God blessing by buying those, which are the most valuable in prices.

Meanwhile, Peshawar Police also averted smuggling of animals to Afghanistan by recovering 22 cows and seven buffalos, besides arresting the alleged smugglers.