ISLAMABAD – Capital Development Authority (CDA) has chalked out a comprehensive plan to get over 215 mgd water from different sources to overcome water scarcity in the capital, said a document placed before the Parliament.

According to the document, CDA would construct 15 MGD capacity Charah Dam. 50 percent water of the dam, 7.5 million gallon per day water would be provided to Rawalpindi. The dam would be completed in four years. Moreover, a pipeline is also being laid to get 200mgd water from Tarbela Dam.

Moreover 75 percent work has been completed to supply water to thirteen sectors from Shah Allah Ditta Reservoir.  After its completion, the said project will serve D-12, E-11, E-12, F-11, F-12, G-12, G-13, G-14,G-15, H-12, I-14, I-I5 and  I-16.

The CDA has also prepared a project for replacement of outdated rusty water supply pipelines in the city.

Meanwhile CDA has allotted 527 farm houses/agro-farms in Islamabad so far. Out of these 527 plots, 354 farm houses were allotted through open auction and 173 farm houses were allotted to the affectees of Islamabad.