ISLAMABAD – Badly hurt by the poll scam verdict and the following attacks by its political opponents and the general media bashing, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Sunday tried to find some solace in pointing out the corruption dirt on the linen of its opponents. Speaking to a press conference here at the Punjab House, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan did accept the apex court decision in the Asghar Khan case but said his party would welcome transparent investigation through an independent national commission instead of by the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency). “The PML-N does not want media trial of its top leadership as the PPP-led ruling alliance ostensibly desires to drive political mileage in the general elections; therefore we reject the role of the FIA in the case investigations,” Nisar said while advising PPP, PTI and PML-Q leaders to see their own tarnished record. He demanded the government set up an independent commission to take the SC’s verdict to its logical conclusion. “Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) was an alliance of eight different political parties but why all the guns are pointed at PML-N,” he questioned.Refusing to cooperate with the FIA, Nisar said the controversy-smitten agency’s poor performance in the last four and a half years was written on the wall for everyone to see. “FIA takes orders from the interior ministry. Thus the chances of its staying neutral are very slim,” Nisar added.“We will only become part of a nonpartisan investigative body,” he declared. “A trial will follow the investigation; (and) whether someone’s guilty or not, will be proven only then; before that I would advise that people should refrain from passing irresponsible remarks,” the PML-N central leaded said. Nisar said that the political cell created in the ISI by late PPP chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto has been misused against the elected government on one pretext or the other. He demanded a transparent probe into the dubious role of ISI in general elections since 1988.Criticising PM Raja, he said he better read Supreme Court verdict against him before raising finger at others. “The prime minister, before finding faults with others, should look into his own first.” He also said that President Asif Ali Zardari was also accountable for misuse of secret funds drawn from the IB account against the Punjab government.Nisar also took serious view of the statement of PTI Chief Imran Khan saying that everybody knows how the former ISI chief had doled out money from the secret funds to make the PTI public meetings successful. Nisar also flayed the statement of deputy Prime Minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi and said there was nothing secret how the former army chief General Pervez Musharraf created PML-Q, and how Pervaiz Elahi had misused Rs400 million as chief minister.