LAHORE – An elderly man in his 90s, widely known as Chacha Pakistani and regular participant of flag ceremony held at Wahga border breathed his last on Sunday.

Chacha Pakistani dressed in Pakistani national flag colour was symbol of zeal for youngster since he used to raise slogans in favour of Pakistan during Pakistan India joint flag ceremony addressing to participants. His real name was Mehar Din who born in 1922 and was unmarried. While his brothers migrated to Pakistan at the time of its creation, Chacha came here post partition. He used to live with his nephews, since he had no home. One of his nephew said his uncle loved military rule and disliked democratic governments. Former president Parvaiz Musharraf had sent him for Umrah on a political quota.

Meanwhile,  CIA police on Sunday claimed to have arrested three housemaids, who had fled away after stealing cash and valuables worth Rs 900,000 from the residence of cricketer Kamran Akmal in Defense area.