LAKKI MARWAT - Two families of urban localities have come into bad terms with each other over the ownership of a graveyard.

The elders of both families-Meenakhel and Faqeeran have started holding meetings to insert their occupation of graveyard known as ‘Faqeeran Qabristan’.

They also seem ready to give a tooth and nail answer to one another.

The local administration recently removed encroachments from the land of graveyard. The illegal constructions were made by Faqeeran family.

In a recent meeting the elders of Meenakhel family renamed Faqeeran graveyard as ‘Meenakhel graveyard. The meeting presided over by former tehsil nazim advocate Fareedullah Khan Meenakhel appreciated removal of encroachments and formed a committee to launch work on leveling of land in the cemetery and construct janazagah there.

The elders of Meenakhel family also said in the meeting that they would request district coordination officer to appoint a person proposed by them as caretaker of the graveyard.

On the other side the elders of Faqeeran family took these moves and decisions a serious blow on what they say, their century’s old claim on graveyard.

“The land of graveyard is owned by our family and Meenakhel family has not even a single inch land in it”, claim the elders of Faqeeran family. They also held a meeting at Astana Qadria and then talked to media men to give their point of view on cemetery issue.

Among others former city nazim Faqeer Abdul Khaliq, advocate Faqeer Muhammad Naseer, advocate Faqeer Mehboobul Hameed and Faqeer Abdul Halim attended the meeting.

They say that for the last two centuries our family members are serving as caretakers of the cemetery. They warned that Meenakhel family should avoid burying their dead in our graveyard and they should arrange a separate cemetery for themselves.

They also alleged that the land of their family in Lakki city worth millions of rupees has been illegally occupied by the elders of Meenakhel family.

The tension arising activities and moves between both sides can lead to a tussle if not tackled promptly and wisely.

Both families live at a stone distance from one another in Lakki city and their any move in wrong direction can create troubles for the residents of entire urban locality besides disturbing the law and order situation.

The local administration and elders of Marwat tribe should bring the two families to the table for negotiation and to solve the issue of graveyard permanently.