ISLAMABAD - A total of 62 matches were decided on the second day of the first ITC National Junior Ranking Tennis Championship here at Islamabad Tennis Complex on Sunday.

All the seeded players except Arham Atiq entered the second round while Bilal got w/o against Arham Atiq came late. The two matches held between Syed Nofil Kaleem, Zaid Mujahid and Muzzamil vs Saad Zafar were decided in 3 hard fought sets.

In the boys U-14 category, Hassan Farooq (Karachi) and Abdaal Haider (Lahore) recorded the major upsets of the day by beating 5th seed Shakir Ullah and 8th seed Aqib Umer respectively in straight sets. All the other seeded players moved to quarterfinals after beating their respective rivals.

U-18 2nd round results:

Ahmed Baber, M. Muzzamil, Hasnain Manzoor, Syed Nofil Kaleem, M. Bilal (w/o), Kashan, Raja Shahid (ITC) and M Muddassar beat their respective rivals.

In Boys U-14 second round, M. Muzzamil, Barkat Ullah, Aman Atiq, Hassan Farooq, Abdaal Haider, Huzaifa Abdul Rehman, Asad Ullah, Talha bin Asif entered the next round.

In U-12 singles Huzaifa Abdul Rehman, Aqib Umer beat Shazeb Mehmood, Humbal, Shameer Mehmood, Sahizada M. Ali, Asad Zahid (w/o) and Hamza bin Rehan entered the third round.

In U-10 singles, Nalain Abbas, Hamza bin Rehan, Sami Zeb Khan entered the semi-finals.

In Boys doubles, Nofil Kaleem/M Muzzamil bt Asad Ullah/Khalil Afridi 2-0, Abdaal Haider/Saad Zafar bt Shakir Ullah/Barkat Ullah 2-0, Hamza bin Asif/Hasnain bt Jibran Ullah/Ikram Ullah 2-0 entered second round. In girls round robin match Anila beat Sara Hassan 2-0.