There is a saying that people who live in glasshouses should not throw stones at others, but in Pakistan all practices are just contrary to this principle.

In liberal and advanced countries, where personal morals may not be so refined, public morals are held very high, while in Pakistan we expect our elected leaders to be thieves and scoundrels. Election Commission of Pakistan has suspended the membership of as many as 154 lawmakers as they did not submit details of their assets and liabilities.

To the best of my knowledge there must a clause, stating that when they take oath for the office, they must declare their assets and liabilities. And therefore all 154 defaulters must be punished according to law.

Our fate lies in the hands of these dishonest men and women. We trusted them with our future, how can they guard the country’s interest, when they are not honest enough to make public their ill-gotten gains. Lets brand them as thieves and burglars.

When they were elected they pledged an oath to uphold the law of this country and work for its betterment, but we have seen them making a mockery of their oath and office. They betrayed the trust of their electorate. This is shameful, they have proved to be nothing short of plain and simple absconders from law. ECP has suspended them from their office and this suspension means that they cannot attend any session of the parliament and if they cannot attend the parliament sessions, what type of parliamentarians are they?

There are some questions that arise, who advised them not to do so and what did they gain by this act? In the long run, these people should be completely banned from ever standing in for any elections or join any political party. Their names should be published in all newspapers and displayed on TV screens and in TV shows.


Kuwait, October 16.