As the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Asghar Khan case continues to send shock waves across the political landscape, some interestingly statements, — rather allegations of more of the similar shady business – have followed. One such salvo has been fired by Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif. While welcoming the judgment and agreeing to bow before the orders he alleged that President Zardari too had struck a Rs 500 million deal with the Intelligence Bureau to bring down the Punjab government.

As things stand, it all boils down to how as a democracy we have been running our governments and equally important to what extent the agencies have a say in running the show. From the Asghar Khan case, the entire picture is very clear, but to hear an allegation from a serving chief minister, that the IB, which is another federal agency, ordering directly to the civilian setup has also a predilection for such undemocratic gamesmanship is a cause of serious concern. The agencies’ role is to collect intelligence, hand it over to the concerned quarters and prevent terrorist attacks and other dangers from happening. The role they have taken it on themselves that of toppling and electing to power governments must be taken back and given to the people of the country - who had never signed it away in the first place.