LAHORE – Youngsters at the Youth Festival 2012 secured another eight entries in the Guinness World Records (GWR) book here at the Expo Centre on Sunday.In all, the youth of Punjab made a dozen attempts and in eight of them they were successful in either setting new records or breaking those already established.Earlier on Saturday, Pakistan successfully broke the Indian record of national anthem mass singing when 42,813 Punjab youth sang their national anthem at the National Stadium during the opening ceremony of the Punjab Youth Festival 2012.During Sunday’s activity, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan and Punjab Sports Board DG Usman Anwar visited all the venues of the various events and also saw some of the world records being set.Ahmed Hussain and Ahmed Amin Bodla attempted maximum martial arts kicks. Bodla kicked into the GWR Book with 616 kicks in three minutes, beating the previous best of 612 also set by a Pakistani. But Ahmed Hussain could kick the punchbag for only 312 times in the given time.In the attempt of the fastest time to wire a household plug, Mian Muhammad Nauman completed the assembling in a dazzling 35.93 seconds to set a new world record.Muhammad Mansha, an employee of Punjab Sports Board, went flat out to set a new record for making chapatis (traditional bread) – mixing, kneading, spinning and cooking three in three minutes and 14.93 seconds to become the record holder in the chefs’ category.In another attempt, Jalilul Hassan going for the fastest time to assemble a full cricket kit recorded one minute and 8.21 second to get a place for Pakistan in the GWR. While 12-year-old Mehek Gul took just 45 seconds to arrange the pieces on a chessboard using only one hand. Mahak, who recently took part in Chess Olympiad, broke the previous record set for one minute.Saadi Muhammad pulled a coaster van for 63.8 metres with his moustache to secure his place in the Guinness Book. Lt Nauman and Sheroz leapfrog into GWR with 34 jumps in 30 seconds beating the previous best of 30 jumps.In the football headers, Danial Gil and Qamar Rizwan kept the ball in the air with their heads for around 4.46 minutes and during that course of time, they headed the ball 335 times, breaking the previous record of 170 head hits.One failed attempt required wearing maximum number of T-shirts in shortest time. Abdul Majeed in his first attempt wore 27 T-shirts in one minute and in his second attempt, he managed 18 while the GWR is of 31 T-shirts. He was partnered by Ahmed Shaukat. In the table tennis knock, Hafiz Zeeshan and Faheen Raza failed to break GWR record of 180 knocks as they could manage just 162 knocks.Meanwhile, the record of highest number of push ups in an hour was also attempted by M Munir but its result will be announced today (Monday) after the adjudicator Gareth Deaves will observe the video recording.