ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari has said that they stick to their policy of reconciliation though efforts to reconcile with the opposition in the current situation seem to be a futile activity.President Zardari said national consensus was a must to defeat extremism and there will not be any military operation without evolving a consensus, but his party as well as its government remain committed to rooting out terrorism.“Before we launch any operation against the militants, we would have to analyse our capability to deal with their retaliatory moves,” he said while addressing a media conference at the President House on Sunday.“We agree that we need to act against militants, but are we ready for a possible blow back?” the president questioned at the concluding session of the conference on media, militancy and fair elections.He said that the pain of Malala Yousafzai and other children who were victims of terrorism was his pain. “It’s easy to be emotional, it is easy to take a country to war, but you don’t ride a tiger until you are sure when to get off,” he said.The President said that his party still believes in the politics of reconciliation. “The policy of reconciliation was Benazir Bhutto’s vision.” However, Zardari said, “In the present situation, it seems that it is useless to talk about consensus and reconciliation with the opposition parties.”But consensus and reconciliation was must to achieve the desired results in the war against terror and ensure peace and security, he said, adding, “If we don’t reconcile amongst ourselves, we cannot reconcile with other countries.”The president said that actions in Swat and other places were taken with consensus, adding that no (military) action would be taken without consensus. He asked the media to show the other side of the picture as well.Pointing out polarisation in the society on the issue of dealing with militancy, the president regretted that when former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer was assassinated no lawyer was willing to prosecute the case and very few people showed their support with his family. “But on the other hand a former chief justice was voluntarily ready to represent the accused in the murder case,” the president added.President Zardari said that many countries had assured us their help when Pakistan began fight against the terrorism but China was the only country which helped the country (economically) in the war. He also said, “We have consistently opposed drone attacks and we will continue to oppose them. Drone attacks were a violation of our sovereignty and are counterproductive.”The president said, “We will also not permit the militants use our territory to launch attack outside our borders.” He said that both people and the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan should join hands in eliminating the terrorists and their hideouts. Blame game will be counterproductive to the cause and will only strengthen the militants, he said.Zardari said he does not claim that all has been perfect during the last four and a half years but in view of the multidimensional problems, the government did its best to confront the challenges and to come up to the people’s expectations.“As a president, I am accountable to the nation” but it’s not only Pakistan which have see economic troubles; there is a financial crisis in the entire world. “We managed to strip the presidency of all its (draconian) powers as part of efforts to further strengthen the democracy.”He urged all the segments of the society to sit together and help evolving consensus of the society to defeat the mindset that attack “our innocent girls like Malala”. He said, “Attack on Malala Yousafzai was an attack on our values and on the future of our new generation.”The president said that Malala was attacked because she raised the flag of peace and education for children. He said that the terrorist seek to impose their agenda by force which he said cannot be allowed under any circumstances.