LAHORE - While lauding the Supreme Court (SC) verdict on Asghar Khan case, PPP’ Secretary General Jehangir Badr on Sunday came up with the demand that the SC should identify more beneficiaries in its detailed judgment and also impose fines on them.

He also sought compensation for the aggrieved people who apparently lost their electoral battles in 1990 election due to disbursement of money by their political opponents. They may be paid in terms of the expenses they had incurred on their election campaign, he suggested.   

“The Supreme Court in its detailed judgment must identify other characters involved in the whole episode and suggest punishments for them”, he demanded while addressing a news conference at Lahore Press Club accompanied by his media coordinator Irfan Khokar.  

Asked if he agreed with the impression that Supreme Court of Pakistan had passed the buck on to the government instead of awarding punishment to the beneficiaries; Badr replied that it would be strengthened further if the court did not rectify this flaw in its detailed judgement. 

Though he expressed his complete satisfaction over the short order, but at the same time he also stressed that court should also pinpoint the offices illegally occupied by the beneficiaries besides the profits they gained because of their positions.

 “More people should be named and investigated for their involvement in the pre-poll rigging at that time”, he affirmed, adding that court decision had vindicated PPP’s stance that 1990 election was massively rigged to keep it away from power.

To a question about political future of Sharif brothers after the SC verdict, Badr said the people would determine their future. Asked if the PML-N leadership could be disqualified for accepting bribe from the ISI, the PPP leader replied that law would take its course.

He, however, refused to offer any comment when asked if the political role of ISI would come to an end following the landmark verdict of the apex court.

Badr on this occasion also informed reporters that IJI which was initially an alliance of eight different parties, was formed on October 6, 1988 at the Islamabad residence of Dr Sarfraz Mir. Nawaz Sharif later became its president on February 4, 1989, he added.