HAFIZABAD – District Police Officer Waqas Nazir has called upon teachers, social workers, journalists and members of civil society to cooperate with the police in the elimination of crime.

Addressing an open court in Sukheke Mandi, the DPO said that the police was committed to provide protection to the citizens and to eliminate drug peddlers and sale of intoxicating injections by the quacks and medical stores.

He said that in order to check crime, reconciliation and peace committees consisting of well reputed persons were being constituted at union council level. He said that the Sukheki Police smashed a four-member gang of burglars and recovered booty of cash and gold ornaments worth million of rupees looted from the house of Imran Mughal.

Moreover, the police rounded up 40 POs, 11 drug peddlers, and seized 10 illicit fire-arms and recovered stolen cattle worth Rs1.2 millions recently. He urged the citizens to actively cooperate with the police in the pointation of anti-social elements to ensure crime-free society.

Meanwhile, the DPO reverted sub-inspector Jalalpur Bhattian Police Mirza Ali Akbar to ASI rank while one year service of ASI Riasat Ali had been forfeited on different charges.

TRANSPORTERS ASKED TO FOLLOW RULES: District Transport Authority Secretary Umer Farooq Warraich has advised the managers of bus stands and drivers of public transport vehicles to abide by traffic rules for the safety of commuters.

He said that Rs4,90,000 has been realised from 277 vehicle owners under the head of fitness certificate and route permit and Rs70,000 has been collected as fine from 153 owners for violation of traffic rules during the past three months. He warned that drivers of public transport vehicles found operating without route permit and fitness certificate would be dealt with sternly.

FIVE ANIMAL MARKETS: Acting DCO has appointed five sales point of sacrificial animal near Hasnain CNG Vanike Road, near bypass Pindi Bhattian, Lahore Road Sukheki, near Union Council Office Jalalpur Bhattian.

“All respective town administrations are required to immediately start working on setting up sale points amid provision of necessary facilities such as transport, water and cleanliness for cattle traders and the people,” DCO directed the officials.  He warned that anyone found selling sacrificial animal other than the sales point would be dealt with sternly.