ISLAMABAD  2 Better late than never, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finally started installation of a direly needed pedestrian bridge at Zero Point Interchange bringing a ray of hope for walkers who used to risk their lives daily to cross 10-lane Islamabad Highway.

“The foundation work of the walker’s bridge has been completed. It would take almost a month to complete,” a CDA official told this news agency on Sunday. He said the Heavy Mechanical Complex has been tasked to install the steel-structured bridge that has cost Rs 18 million. The bridge would facilitate safe movement of pedestrians moving to an from sector G-7 and G-8 besides nearby located government offices and media houses.

The CDA has already constructed a pedestrian bridge near I-8 intersection to facilitate movement of the walkers as the bridge neighbors the federal colleges and witnesses the heavy movement of students. The daily crime report of Islamabad Police reveals that almost two to three hit-and-run incidents take place in Islamabad that sometime also claim pedestrians’ lives.

The CDA has widened Islamabad Highway to 10 lanes, constructed 7th Avenue and 9th Avenue and work to widen Kashmir Highway to 10 lanes is also in progress. However, the installation of pedestrian bridges at various locations is yet awaited.

Likewise, every day hundreds of people cross eight-kilometer 9th Avenue that is located between sectors F-8, G-8, H-8, I-8 and F-9, G-9, H-9 and I-9. On this avenue, important entities including Fatima Jinnah Park, weekly bazaar, Allama Iqbal Open University and hundreds of industrial units are located.

“I feel lucky by finding a safe gap amid heavy traffic but the CDA is yet unable to realize the miseries of the pedestrians,” said Tauheed Ali, a pedestrian crossing Islamabad Highway.

Earlier, Islamabad Traffic Police had introduced slow-speed zones in Islamabad but the system could not continue for long.