It seems that CM Punjab has either lost his elements or bureaucracy has tamed him to an extent that they ignored three reminders instructing them to submit details of any foreign nationality held by them, their foreign visits and detailed information about their kids studying abroad. For Rana Sanaullah to state that government machinery lacks mechanism to acquire this information was embarrassing. I am sure he is aware that all records about international departures and arrivals are documented and dual nationals do not get their Pakistani passports stamped when entering their new adopted country. What Rana Saheb has forgotten that this requirement is mandatory following joint resolution passed on June7, 2012 demanding all Federal and Provincial government servants to submit affidavits that they do not hold dual nationality and in case they do, to renounce second nationality, or face disciplinary action. It also demanded that all serving governments must provide details of their foreign travel and information about their kids studying abroad.

The Punjab Minister for Law must either move a resolution in PA withdrawing the earlier order, or else accept that it is bureaucracy which is running Punjab and not elected parliamentarians. The SC of Pakistan has already established that dual nationals cannot be trusted with significant matters in its judgment issued in September 2012. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Syed Jammat Ali Shah, former head of Indus Basin Treaty, holding foreign nationality, betrayed interests of Pakistan, while senior bureaucrats and technocrats in Ministry of Water and Power, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Petroleum etc involved in Rental Power Scam, PEPCO, EOBI, OGRA, Railways etc all had dual nationalities and fled this country to evade any accountability.


Lahore, October 20.