After the devastating earthquake, national level leadership has not been seen in the affected areas to show any solidarity with the miserable people of the affected areas. Similarly there has not been any effort made to support these people or send any assistance. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has not bothered to visit the area so far. His ceremonial visit planned on October 11, 2013 has been cancelled due to security reasons. A committee formed under Federal Minister Lieutenant General Retired Abdul Qaudir Baloch is also invisible.

Electronic and social media has also lost focus to highlight the problems faced by the survivors. NGOs, otherwise very active in the country, are also not seen being active in the aftermath of the earthquake. Usual national and international support for the victims is almost negligible. Under the circumstances the support being proved to the survivors by Southern Command of Pakistan Army and FC means a lot but security forces and provincial government official engaged in the work are also not in a position to fully focus and devote all energies to the relief work due to threats, interdictions and attacks on relief workers by the militants.

However the encouraging thing is that security forces personal, despite being frequently attacked have not been deterred and are continuing the work with full vigor and pace. Militants instead of extending help to alleviate the miseries of the people in this hour of need and crises are showing their true self by causing hindrance in the relief work.

Militant groups operating in Balochistan have shown total callousness by attacking relief workers. It is significant to note that their attitude is totally different and in contrast to behavior shown by the militant groups after 2005 earthquake in Kashmir and Northern parts of KPK. The militant groups instead of attacking relief workers or creating hurdles in the rehabilitation operations started with some sort of help to the affected people. Attacking rescue and relief worker in the area hit by natural calamity and catastrophe is totally inhuman and needs condemnation at every level by all and sundry.


Rawalpindi, October 18.