Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in US on the invitation of US President Barak Obama. Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Gillani met Obama in 2012 in Soul South Korea, since then, this is the second time that the top dignitaries of both countries are meeting one on one. Certain issues regarding security and economic strategy will come under discussion. Mr. Obama would be taking such security issues specially post 2014 troops withdrawal seriously.

I think the meeting is expected to be much more fruitful as Mr. Sharif after taking over has started an economic plan to take the country towards economic revival.  And for that, Mr. Sharif would be asking for more cooperation from the US administration, with regards to boosting up the Pakistani market in US as well as reimbursement of coalition support fund.

The White House also stated that “The visit will highlight the importance and resilience of the Pakistan-US relationship and provide an opportunity to strengthen cooperation on issues of mutual concern, such as energy, trade and economic development, regional stability, and countering violent extremism”.

After having a tense atmosphere in Pakistan US relations since NATO container issue, the meeting is considered to be very important for the betterment of mutual cooperation. It is also expected that both the dignitaries would share their views on the security troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and facilitating them in a peaceful manner, via Pakistan, till the end of 2014.


Islamabad, October 19.