There is no doubt that Imran Khan has succeeded in his Jalsas. He has got a terrific response everywhere. He seems to be turning into a very big threat for the PML N and the PPP. Imran Khan plans to conduct a jalsa in Larkana in November. Moreover, he was right when he said that the people of Sindh are in a deep slumber and he would have to wake them up for their rights. The people of Sindh are obsessed with Bhutto, but it is a fact that Bhutto is no more . Somebody else is handling the helm of affairs in the PPP. Moreover, it would be testing times for Imran Khan at Larkana. Sindh politics is very different from all the three provinces. The Sindhi voters have not been giving votes to the PPP based on their performance. There are a lot of emotions involved in the politics of Sindh. Imran Khan would have to use some magic to convince the people of Larkana to vote for him. It is a gigantic task .The people of Sindh believe that no other party but the PPP would do anything for them. There is a lot of trust deficit between the people of Sindh and the federation. Moreover, the same old political rhetoric of Imran Khan would not work out in his Larkana gathering. He would have to devise another strategy for his Jalsa in Larkana. Maybe a old slogan of Bhutto during his address to the people may work out.


Karachi, October 19.