ISLAMABAD- Minister for Water and Power, Khawaja Muhammad Asifinformed the National Assembly Wednesday that commercial audit ofelectricity overbilling is expected to be completed during the next fewdays.

In a statement in the House he said top listed audit firms from privatesector are carrying out the audit to determine the causes of over billing.

He said apart from possibility of fudging, consumption of more power byconsumers during load shedding free period of about a month and abolition ofslabs for consumers also led to increase in power bills.

The Minister however said the exact cause would be determined by the auditand in case of wrong billing not only the amount will be refunded to theconsumers but officials responsible would also be penalized.

Replying to a point of order, Minister for Water and Power said the government would ensure zero load shedding in areas of concentration ofDewali celebrations tomorrow and day after.