The recent escalation of tension across the LOC has brought the longstanding issue of Kashmir into limelight. While the hostility continues to persist from Indian side, a grand conspiracy, to destabilise Pakistan has been unveiled. Firstly to keep our army engaged on all fronts, causing maximum attrition and lowering the army morale, as well as providing an impetus for the UNSC resolution to take over strategic assets for safe custody and secondly to make Pakistan economically weak and keep it dependent on foreign aid.

Interestingly, the ISI has been the focus of deliberate international ventures led by RAW, to implicate the state organ as a sponsor of terrorism, so as to neutralise its capabilities for the defence of Pakistan. It is a fact that India has never been able to truly acknowledge the existence of Pakistan. The Ganga Plan Conspiracy 1971, the Delhi parliament attack, Mumbai terrorist plot coupled with the infringement across the international border on a regular basis are staged to defame Pakistan as a rogue state.

Pakistan has always acknowledged peace and promoted dialogue as solution to the issues of the subcontinent but since Pakistan actively pursues the Kashmir policy, Mr Modi seems to have a hard-line stance on Pakistan. Our leadership must realise the grave danger it poses to our national integrity. Those within our ranks that seem to be supporting foreign interests need to be identified and taken to task.


Lahore, October 16.