A brick-kiln labourer was burnt alive in kiln by two real brothers (his companions) in the name of honour here in village 75/15-L Mian Channu, about 40-km away from here. The police have registered a case and arrested both the accused who have confessed to the murder.

According to local inquiry and police, Abdul Ghafoor alias Niazi, a resident of village 75/15-L was working at a local brick-kiln owned by one Shakeel. He went missing on September 26, 2014 and since then his family had run from the pillar to the post to locate him but to no avail. At last Ghafoor’s parents approached the brick-kiln owner Shakeel and informed him that their son had been missing since last month. At which Shakeel convened a meeting (Panchayat) of local residents. During the panchayat, it came to know that last time deceased Abdul Ghafoor was spotted with his companions - two real brothers - Zahid and Bashir. However, during further investigation, both the brothers - Zahid and Bashir confessed to have burnt Ghafoor alive for developing illicit relations with their sister. They informed that they planned to murder Ghafoor and for the purpose, they kidnapped deceased from Adda Jamal Chowk on September 26, 2014. First they served intoxicant-laden milk to the deceased and when he fell unconscious, both the accused threw him into burning brick-kiln alive. The deceased was burnt to the extent that his body was reduced to ashes. The Chub Kalan have registered an FIR under Section 302 and arrested both the killers.

DEPRIVED: The manger of a brick-kiln at Adda Mehar Shah was deprived of cash by two bandits. Manager Ameer Khan was at brick-kiln Adda Mehar Shah when two unidentified dacoits stormed the premises and stanched 150,000 from him at gunpoint.