NEW YORK (bel): Lady Gaga has shared an emotional moment with one of her fans as she dedicated two songs to him and his late mother. Scottish teenager John McMillan joined the pop star on stage after she received a letter about his mum’s death, thanking the singer, at her gig at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro. After reading out the letter, she performed Born This Way and Judas as a tribute to the pair. The 19-year-old student later told friends online: ‘When I wrote in my letter I didn’t think @ladygaga would read it and she went ‘HAHA!’ OH MY GOD. Nah seriously I cannot believe tonight. ‘I sat at the piano while Lady Gaga sang to me. You’re so inspirational and I can’t thank you enough.’

 He continued: ‘I was looking at her fingers while she was playing the piano and I noticed she has two finger nails broken! I seriously cannot thank you enough for tonight @ladygaga my mum would be so happy. She will be. She will have been there partying hard.’ Gaga, who performed on Strictly Come Dancing on October 19, later invited John backstage to spend time with her. John added: ‘I sat in the meet and greet in silence and she looked at me and went, ‘Hi! I’ve already met you tonight.’