LAHORE  - Pakistan is only behind Afghanistan in lifetime births per woman in South Asia, reveals World Population Data Sheet 2014 prepared by US Agency for International Development and distributed by IDEA-Informing Decisionmakers To Act.

In Pakistan, every woman gives 3.8 births in her lifetime, which is second highest in the region only behind Afghanistan (5.1). Iran has the lowest lifetime births per woman (1.8), followed by Sri Lanka (2.1), Bangladesh (2.2), Maldives (2.3), India and Nepal (2.4 each) and Bhutan (2.5). Lifetime births per woman in South Asia are 2.5.

Pakistan is also leading alongside Afghanistan in Infant Mortality Rate in the region.

In Pakistan and Afghanistan 74 out of 1,000 newborns die during infancy, followed by Bhutan (47), Nepal (46), India (44), Bangladesh (33), Iran (16) and Maldives and Sri Lanka (9 each). In the region, Infant Mortality Rate is 47.

Life Expectancy in Afghanistan is lowest in South Asia followed by Pakistan. Life expectancy is highest in Iran, Maldives and Sri Lanka (74 years), followed by Bangladesh (70 years), Bhutan and Nepal (68 years), India (66 years), Pakistan (65 years) and Afghanistan (65 years). Births and deaths per 1000 population in Afghanistan are also highest in the region. In Afghanistan, births per 1000 population are (35), followed by Pakistan (28), Maldives (23), Nepal, India and Bhutan (22), Bangladesh (20), Iran (19) and Sri Lanka (18). In South Asia, births per 1000 population are 22. Deaths per 1000 population is highest in Afghanistan and Pakistan (8), followed by India and Nepal (7), Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka (6), Iran (5) and Maldives (3). As such, Afghanistan is leading in population growth in the region. In Afghanistan, population is increasing at 2.7 per cent, followed by Pakistan (2 per cent), Maldives (1.9 per cent), Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (1.5 per cent), Iran (1.4 per cent) and Sri Lanka (1.2 per cent).

In Afghanistan, population below 15 years of age is highest in the region (46 per cent), followed by Pakistan (38 per cent), Nepal (34 per cent), India (31 per cent), Bhutan (30 per cent), Bangladesh (29 percent), Maldives and Sri Lanka (26 per cent) and Iran (24 per cent). Population over 65 years in Sri Lanka is highest in the region (8 per cent), followed by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Iran, India, Maldives and Nepal (5 per cent), Pakistan (4 per cent) and Afghanistan (2 per cent).

India is the most polluting and Bhutan least polluting country in South Asia. Carbon emission in India is 611.2 million ton per year, followed by Iran (164.5 mt), Pakistan (46.1 mt), Bangladesh (17.7 mt), Sri Lanka (3.8 mt), Afghanista (2.4 mt), Nepal (1.1 mt), Maldives (0.3 mt) and Bhutan (0.1 mt).