The prevailing lawlessness in Karachi and the freedom given to the lawbreakers is a long accepted norm but still, the news of Edhi Centre being robbed, while the humble humanitarian was held hostage shocked the nation. In the past couple of months, the various incidents of bank robberies have made the loopholes in the security and the performance of the police (rather, the lack of it) quite apparent. Since such incidents are widespread, citizens have naturally become rather immune but nevertheless, to rob a charitable organisation and that too in broad daylight is hitting a new low.

To talk about why so large an amount was kept in what (assumingly) was an unsafe place and to ponder over the sources of that amount is moot and should in no way stand in the way of strongly condemning this atrocious wrong committed against a man who has always helped Pakistan and presented a positive image of it across the world. The culprits should be caught as soon as possible and made an example of, if such terrible instances of break-ins are to be preempted in the future.


Lahore, October 19.