ISLAMABAD - “Pack up and prepare to leave for your homes!” ordered Dr Tahirul Qadri to his followers finally, freeing them from his more than two months long sit-in in the federal capital.

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief told his supporters he was going to widen the scope of his protest campaign making it countrywide, so, they should now go to their homes. He asked the female participants of the sit-in to leave and the young males to stay for a while to perform packing duties.

PAT chief held a meeting in the afternoon with his party colleagues and allied parties that included PML-Q, Sunni Itehad Council and Majlis Wahadatul Muslamin. Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, which is holding a separate sit-in, was not invited for consultation. Interestingly, PTI is the major stakeholder of PAT’s presence as Qadri was providing them back-up support in day time when almost there is generally nobody in PTI’s sit-in.

Qadri has been telling his followers that he will not end the sit-in protest in the until PM resigns and those responsible for Model Town killings are punished. But after Tuesday’s meeting, he in his address presented a different picture and delivered a lecture on the meaning of revolution. He told them that revolution was a journey and it comes in phases. He tried to convince his followers that they had not lost at all. He told them that breaking the siege by PAT workers was the first phase in this regard. He said roads were blocked and province of Punjab looked like a jail, adding revolution was like water which continuously flows under the earth. “Neither we nor the government backtrack from its stand,” Qadri said.

Rebuffing the news about a deal, Qadri said no clandestine deal has been made. He added they would not backtrack from their stand and not sell the blood of 14 martyrs and 90 injured of the revolution. He avoided including those 3 people who died in Islamabad clash in the count of martyrs of his revolution march.

“The government could not prove money laundering against him,” PAT chief asserted. He also said that those who run a campaign by taking funds from abroad should be hanged. Qadri said their workers had faced state violence and booked in criminal cases. “I congratulate the participants of revolution sit-in who continued the struggle despite their facing bullets and prisons.”

About getting funds from foreign agencies, Dr Qadri said he should be hanged if it is proved that he received foreign funds to stage sit-in and spread unrest in the country. He accused that various religious clerics and politicians of the country were getting foreign funding. Qadri claimed that he had asked former dictator General (r) Zia ul Haq to adopt measures to stop foreign funding to the politicians and religious figures. He reiterated his stance that chief minister of Punjab should resign from his office over the killing of PAT workers.

It is believed that asking for the resignations of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif proved to be the biggest reason behind Qadri’s failure to get his other agenda accepted by the government. But some quarters believe that it was not in the Qadri’s hands to change his demands as from the very start the game planner was somebody else. Dr Qadri had to follow orders, they say.

Even the government was ready to accept many of his just demands in the start but his stubbornness left him with nothing at the end. The game started changing when the whole parliament unanimously rejected the ‘unjust’ demands of Dr Qadri and even the real power players could not change the results as per their will.

After the appointment of new spy chief Dr Qadri found himself with no support but still he tried his level best to drag the armed forces into the matter but failed. At the final stage, Qadri also faced difficulties in arranging funds and he was unable to feed his several thousand protesters. Consequently, first he shrank his sit-in few days ago and now finally wrapped it up. Though he claims he will continue his protest in different cities of the country but it seems more likely that his campaign would totally flop and he would fly back to Canada in few months.