I have always found our society’s holding a discouraging attitude and misgivings towards psychiatrists and clinical psychologists as perplexing. Why is it that when a person decides to consult some professional help, for an emotional or psychological turmoil, he is labeled as ‘deranged’ or ‘lunatic’? What is wrong in discussing your internal conflicts with a psychiatrist who is not supposed to judge you and can help you more than anyone else? Don’t all of us need someone to sympathize with us, to hear us rant and to advise us?

If this assistance is how some people can deal with issues then we should not reprove them or call them insane, but we should encourage and support them. Maybe consulting a psychiatrist makes us uneasy because it is highly unconventional, but it is already a regular norm in the Western society. I am suggesting that there is nothing wrong in going to a shrink every once in a while for a therapy session that will help us function normally in our hectic day to day routines.


Karachi, October 19.