For Muslim women; wearing a Veil or headscarf is the representation of their religious values. In many western countries wearing a Veil or headscarf is banned. After 9/11 Muslim’s are considered as extremist and terrorist in Western territory; which is the common reason behind the imposed of such irrational stance. However the diversity of Culture and societal beliefs among Muslim and western citizen’s influence the decision of the banning “Hijab or Niqab” as well.

In western countries; the discrimination against covered women; somehow understandable but not justified. Contrary in Islamic states which constitutes the ideology of Islam; women wearing Hijab or Niqab have to endure discrimination in the recruitment process. Although Constitution of Pakistan guarantees the freedom of religion to each citizen residing in Pakistan. The struggle of women in Pakistan; to acquire a job without compromising on the Hijab and Niqab; is similar to the Muslim women in western countries.

On the basis of so-called “Presentation”; a covered woman has to endure constant rejection’s from the employer’s; even if their skills and academics are totally compatible with the job requirement. During the interviewing process; some of the employer’s have the audacity to pass derogatory remarks about the women that wears Niqab or the Hijab. The Hijab or Niqab wearing women is not an obstruction in the success of an organisation. Women wearing Hijab or Niqab can be a career woman; that can perform exceptionally well in any field or situation just like any other girls which doesn’t wear Hijab or Niqab.


Islamabad, September 11.