“We will never tolerate such attacks. Our army has been sent to borders and you too must be ready and form the second line of defence.”

–President Ayub Khan addressed the nation, 6th September 1965.

Much like the situation today, since August 1965, Kashmir was on the boil. India alleged Pakistan had sent raiders who were indulging in mischief. Pakistan claimed it was a local uprising against India’s atrocities. The issue was raised in international forums back then too. During the midnight between September 5 and September 6, India crossed the Lahore border, despite assurances at international forums that it would not cross limits. The next day, then Pakistan President Ayub Khan addressed the nation and said, ‘We are at war with India.’

Pakistanis consider it one of the most memorable and historic speeches by a Pakistan President.

‘India has dared to go to war with a people whose hearts are filled with the message of Kalama of Quran that says there is no one like Prophet Mohammed: the Prophet of Allah.’ Khan said. And suddenly the whole of Pakistan had come together in a unified nation. People came out in big numbers to participate in rallies in support of the army much like the army is appreciated today for its proactive role in protecting the nation from internal and external threats.

It is often said history repeats itself but one can only hope that the current situation does not escalate and turn into another war neither country can afford.