Its hard to praise the opponents but I believe this is what makes a nation stronger. I am a PTI follower and I have many differences with PML-N policies. However, when I to travel through Metro service in Rawalpindi-Islamabad then I have no option but appreciate the good work.

This is not a luxurious way to travel between the twin cities but it saves a lot of time of the commuters such as students, job holders, lawyers etc. Most importantly, its really good for female commuters. Another good aspect of the traveling through metro is its free wifi internet which has helped me and many others while we travel. I am working with a multinational firm but being a lady I need to reach back home in timely manners. Yesterday when I left the office and entered the Metro bus, I needed to reply many emails but it found out that that I have no balance in my mobile to activate any internet bundle. Immediately I switched to free wifi of Metro and it was really a great feeling when I was able to manage my important emails during travel. Having differences is good thing if these are for positive output but whatever is right must be praised as a responsible citizen. However, we must use this free wifi facility from PTCL in a responsible manner.


Rawalpindi, September 29.