Police face what the people fear and lift the fallen ones up. Police manage to sacrifice their lives for the lives of their people. They serve in the combat of life and rescue people. Saviors (Muhafiz) of the people are being graced by Punjab government by upgrading the quality of service to better serve the people. The Punjab government is earning much credit on its behalf by performing fresh creative tasks. Police is a very important force one that ensures peace, safety, harmony and stability among masses. A fresh example of the addition of the Dolphin Squad.

Dolphin force was established to combat street crime, road robbery, patrolling, watch and ward, surveillance and quick response. This squad of the police force is built on the grounds and design of the Turk National Force which was established in 1993 in Turkey to shape the soft and friendly image of police among masses.

For the purpose 30 police officers under command of SP Qarar Hussain were sent to Istanbul, Turkey for training. The well trained returned officers, then, trained 700 police personals to serve in the Dolphin Force. Punjab government allocated 1992.3 million rupees in the first phase for infrastructure, machinery, weaponry, motorbikes and then 200 million rupees for divisional offices of the force in Model Town, Cantt, Sader, Allama Iqbal Town. The Dolphin Squad is empowered with a strength of 700 personals fully equipped with 300 motorbikes of 500CC power, waterproof uniform, telescope buttons, multicolor torches, heavy helmets with Bluetooth, 3G enabled ride communication system, pistols, rifles and duty bullets.

This investment is modernising and upgrading police force for providing quality service, sense of security and maintenance of law and order and peace to the masses. The government is also determined to recruit more sub inspectors, crime analysts, technical staff and 2416 constables to strengthen the Dolphin Squad. This squad is divided into 138 beats to patrol in the capital city for ensuring security and win the trust of people. This boosted up morale of police force and they are working more obediently, efficiently and with loyalty.

One must think if we have played our part honestly or not? Are we true law abiding people? Do we respect traffic signals? Are we aware of law of the land? Do we cooperate with our police force? Do we cooperate with the government in building a welfare state? We should practice the sense of cooperation instead engulfed in competition race with each other. Police has sacrificed many lives in combating against the menace and monster of terrorism. Remember their sacrifice and embrace the pro-people policies of Punjab Government in honor of the country.


Lahore, October 21.