In the past few days, a great hype of war has been created which is increasing day by day. One atomic power is threatening another atomic power. From whatever aspect you view this situation only destruction can be seen.

Indians have threatened Pakistani artists and singers and had given them an ultimatum of 48 hours to leave India. If they have to do this, why do they cast Pakistani artists in their movies? Yes, I think because Pakistanis have talent and this is what everyone knows.

It is clear that the nuclear programme of Pakistan was developed in response to a perceived threat from India. Pakistan is facing many problems from the time when Narendra Modi came into government. Sometimes they give statements against Pakistan, other times they indulge in firing on the line of control to make the situation worse. India is doing full preparation of war against Pakistan and Indian media is also promoting this behaviour among people.

If atomic weapons are used, only destruction will be there all over. So it is better that both the countries should solve this problem by talking, not by war. Pakistan is inviting India again and again for talks but the Indian government is having devils mind they want war.


Rawalpindi, September 25.