LOS ANGELES-Kate Winslet was warned she would ‘’probably lose a limb’’ making ‘The Mountain Between Us’ by her friend Leonardo Dicaprio. The 42-year-old actress shot the plane crash survival movie in temperatures of -38 deg C in the Canadian Rockies and turned to her ‘Titanic’ co-star for advice before beginning work on the project because he’d had a similar gruelling experience on ‘The Revenant’. She said: ‘’[Leo] said to me, ‘You are bloody out of your mind to do this. Do you know how hard it’s going to be? In those conditions, you’ll probably lose a limb.’ ‘’ But though she found it tough, Kate thinks her pal had it much worse when he shot his Oscar-winning role. She laughed: ‘’He climbed into the carcass of a dead animal, naked. I think he’s got me well and truly beaten.’’ As well as ‘Titanic’, the two stars have previously reunited on screen in ‘Revolutionary Road’ and would love to team up again in the future. Kate said: ‘’We have zero plans [to work together again] but he’s one of my dear best friends. I hope we make it happen.’’

The British actress - who has children Mia, 17, and Joe, 13, from her previous marriages, and son Bear, three, with husband Ned Rocknroll - enjoyed working with Idris Elba on ‘The Mountain Between Us’ and admitted she was the envy of all her female friends because she got close to him.

She told Britain’s OK! magazine: ‘’He is utterly yummy and fabulous. All my friends were out having lunch and especially after this film, they say to me, ‘Can we please, please live vicariously through you? Tell us.’ ‘’I tell them everything and more!’’