TOBA TEK SINGH-Brick-kiln workers staged a sit-in for the acceptance of their demands at Shahbaz Chowk.

Pakistan Bhatta Mazdoor Union leaders Shabbir, Perveen Malik of Gojra, Nawab of Kamalia, Kiln Workers Association leader Baba Nazir and other leaders addressed the gathering on the occasion.

They said that four months had passed since the Punjab government issued a notification of minimum wages under which the kiln owners have to pay Rs1,110 per 1,000 bricks to their workers. However, they said, it was never implemented in the district.

He added that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had announced that Rs4,000 would be paid to each worker who worked at a kiln and their children would be sent to schools with the provision of free bags, books, uniform, shoes and stationery. But the order is not being implemented in Toba district, he regretted.

He also said that the kiln workers were being purchased and sold by the kiln owners due to advance payments made to the workers by owners. They added after five years, the cases filed by the workers in the court of district labour officer with powers as compensation commissioner had not been decided so far. They announced that their sit-in at Shahbaz Chowk will continue for three days after which they will take out a march from Toba to Lahore by foot if the their demands were not accepted.