While other countries of the world have advanced in many fields and maintained their development, but Pakistan continues to suffer and its people continue to lift the burden of its shortcomings. It’s very common if we suffer from diseases which we don’t know about and only find out when it brings us to terminal stages. It is because of the pollution in the air which has disturbed man on a large scale.  

There are various kinds of pollution, not just one. Hazards such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution are dangerously affecting the health of people. The most disturbing and devastating of all is air pollution. When we move on the roads, we see that the atmosphere is full of smoke and dust that not only causes allergy to the people but also destroys the natural beauty and people suffer from bad diseases. On the other hand, water pollution is all the same where people are dying from drinking poisonous water. Water is a basic necessity, it’s common sense it should be pure and easily accessible, yet the case is completely the opposite for Pakistan. 

It is about time the government starts taking an interest in saving the lives of people by making efforts to minimise dangers such as these. 


Karachi, October 15.