LAHORE -  Pakistan Awami Tehrik Chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri has said that Nawaz Sharif must be arrested forthwith and his name placed in Exit Control List till disposal of corruption cases against him.

In a telephonic address to members of Core Committee, he said that Nawaz and Shehbaz both were killers, culprits and partners of every crime. Any concession for both, he said, would mean clear violation of constitution.

He said in the sit-in of 2014, he had pointed out economic terrorism, massacre, and misappropriation of Sharif family, and their proofs were now pouring in from around the world.

 Indictment of Sharif family, he said, was verification of his position. He said both Sharifs were plunderers and by electing a disqualified person as party president PML-N conveyed to nation that they were supporters of corruption, falsehood and plunder.

Supreme Court, morality, constitution and law means nothing to them, he said. Dr Qadri said Nawaz Sharif was a habitual absconder and shifted his entire wealth to London. He said every single word of charge sheet against Nawaz Sharif was true.