Women are an integral part of society. Empowering women contributes immensely to the development of a country. The secret behind the success of developed countries can be justified as the participation of women in the progress of the country.  

It is said “behind every successful man, there is woman.” In real, the role of women in the development process of the country means a lot. Unfortunately, women in most parts of the country are confined within four walls. The number of dependants is higher than the number of people working. This is what has given rise to poverty. On the other hand, conservatism plays the role of an obstacle, as girls are kept away from higher education and working outside.  

Empowering women will enable the country to form an effective workforce which can contribute to the advancement in any field of life. Women should be provided with platforms through which they can brush up their talents and utilise them in a positive manner. To eradicate the ignorance of confining women, all of us should stand united and work collectively for its implementation. Government’s support in this regard is essential and can strengthen the spirit of bringing revolutionary changes in the country. 


Hub Chowki, October 15.