LAHORE - Minhaj University Deputy Chairman Dr Hussain Mohiodin Qadri has said that ultimate asylum of humanity is in religion contradictory to whatever worldly progress it makes.

Addressing the concluding session of international conference, he said no religion preached doctrines of tyranny, aggression, violence and terrorism. It was established fact, he said, that founders of the religions were very much concerned about the affairs and problems of ordinary human beings to be dealt directly above the issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class and cast. at the closing session of the two days International Conference titled

Minhaj University and Punjab Higher Education Commission jointly organised the two-day moot on “Social responsibility and World Religion”. Scholars from different countries also addressed the gathering.

Appreciating the move, HEC Chairman Dr. Nizam.u.Din said that initiating such conferences was a healthy gate way to valuable research oriented study.

Prof. Dr. Shanti Kumar from Colombo University said love for humanity he has comprehended by being inspired from the great scholar Sufi Jalaludin Rummi.

Dr. Andrew Hogg from Australia said that every religion was a clear reflection of this universal truth.