Prime Minister Imran Khan’s concern about the gloomy projection of his government is very valid because a new government takes time to settle in, understand the affairs of the system, and come up with feasible solutions with a holistic approach which last beyond the tenure. The government, still in infancy, up until now has only had Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry disseminating information on behalf of the government. That already puts an individual under a lot of pressure because political developments on various grounds emerge every day. Working without a proper communication wing puts the government at a disadvantage because there are a lot of decisions which require clarification, and that is precisely what the government needs to address right now. A working communication wing will be able to put forth the government’s stance and clarify that while the government may be new, it is very much in control of its policies.

The biggest concern at the moment was the economic bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The confusion was whether or not the government would approach IMF and request for the bailout. With a staunch opposition and lack of proper channels for distribution of information, the narrative was that the government does not wish to pursue the plan of seeking help from IMF, but PM has clarified that going to the IMF was the plan all along. In such cases, a solution also is to take the population in confidence and get them on board with the plan of action. Confusion arises when plans are not laid out and multiple sources are being contacted for the relevant information. People who voted for the party are expecting that the government would have to take some tough decisions, which is why they are on board with the idea of the new budget. To retain this voter base, a clear stance from the beginning will help soften the image. At the same time, even if the government decides to act otherwise, a clarification must always follow to give the people a sense of community.

Another concern that the PM had was the lack of cooperation from the bureaucracy and the police force. Successive transfers, replacements, and resignations are bound to alienate the system in place. A feasible solution to this problem would be to get the institutions on board with the reforms because the government at this time does not have the capacity to hire new people altogether. A system that has been in place for several years cannot be revamped without taking the people on board; it is only then that reforms prove fruitful.