ATHENS - Greek anarchists protesting the presence of a Canadian goldmining firm Sunday attacked the Canadian embassy in Athens causing material damage, police said, adding that no one was hurt.

Around a dozen protesters calling themselves the Rubicon Anarchist Collective, according to a video posted to the internet, sprayed the building in the northern suburb of Halandri with red paint and caused other material damage before fleeing, the Ana news agency reported. "We unequivocally condemn the attack on the Canadian embassy building that took place this morning, resulting in material damage," the Greek foreign ministry said in a statement. "Such illegal actions will not affect the excellent relations between our country and Canada, nor the bonds of timeless friendship linking our two nations," the ministry said, adding that those responsible would be found and punished.

The anarchists said they were protesting at "the embassy's support for Canadian goldmining companies" such as Eldorado Gold, which has operations in northern Greece that some Greeks claim harm the environment.

Rubicon has carried out similar protests in the past on public buildings including embassies and banks, with police making a number of arrests.

Its most recent action was a September 17 protest outside the Iranian embassy as the group sought to express "solidarity" with Iranian Kurds.