Former ruling party PML(N) was scheduled to step down on May 31, 2018 on completion of its constitutional five years tenure and it did that accordingly. But before doing that the then Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi had gone around different parts of the country inaugurating or laying foundation of major and minor projects in a rather hurried manner to give his party credit for undertaking lot of development activities. 

While doing so, he had also inaugurated Tarbela Dam IV Extension project rather prematurely in March 2018 against the advice of German engineers who were working on it. This pre-matured inauguration of the project on one hand caused public exchequer huge loss of about Rs 25 billion and on the other hand unnecessarily delayed its completion. The scribe got this information the other day while visiting WAPDA website for some information about Bhasha-Diamir Dam and also read a detailed story published last month in an English daily. Nobody seems to be concerned for conducting an inquiry into this dirty and ugly episode to fix the responsibility and also recover the huge amount of Rs 25 billion from those who had caused this loss of the national exchequer. This ought to be done forthwith without any further delay and recover the amount from found guilty so as to give much needed lesson to the rulers that they should better inaugurate only completed development projects of any nature and avoid to the maximum possible in cutting ribbons of incomplete projects and in the process cause huge losses to the public exchequer. 


Lahore, October 8.