Education is the most important tool to develop someone’s life and schools are the only source to provide education but it is hard to mention that Balicha high school has been ignored which is in the need of several resources like: water electricity and the most dangerous issue is ghost teachers. There are lots of teachers appointed to teach and guide the students but they are busy with their personal business like: shops and so on, and they attend the classes one day in a week. And the students have nothing to do with school because of these teachers who doesn’t pay any attention towards school and the students are compel to cheat in examinations anytime. Even the teachers themselves tell the students how to cheat in any exam and some of the teachers support the students during the examination as well, which caused the cheating as a culture in education. Thus, I would love to request the government to put its special efforts to solve the problems of Balicha high school to save the unique lives of the unique students. 


Turbat, October 19.