LAHORE - Punjab Nursing Director General Kauser Parveen has lauded the proposal of the principal of the Lahore General Hospital and Ameer Uddin Medical College that one-year nursing diploma in diabetes should be introduced.  She said that it would help nurses provide better cure and treatment to patients. She said that she would certainly take up this proposal with the government and try to start it as early as possible. She said that in developed countries nurses have major part in the medical profession and “if we start new courses and good trends it can help a lot to bring the nurses on a par with them”. She said the present government has clear vision for the health sector and “we all should strive hard to translate these dreams into reality”. She said that “our nurses are well trained and equipped professionally to extend their services for the ailing humanity round the clock and they always work shoulder by shoulder by doctors”. In fact, after medication by doctors the real work is done by the nurses in each ward. Kauser Parveen said that Infection Control Diploma will also help the nursing community and their day to day activities.

Cumulatively, both have visited more than 24,900 and closed down 7,862 quackery outlets. Since July 2015, the PHC has sealed over 16,500 businesses of quacks across the province.