Kids’ entertainment is an area which, unfortunately, has been powerfully neglected in Pakistan. While there are numerous places for adults to unwind, we do not find options available for parents, who want to have an outing, where they can spend quality time with their little ones.

Identifying this gap in Lahore’s social space, Peek Freans Gluco has joined hands with Cinepax, to introduce Pakistan’s first ever kids hall concept. Gluco Minipax, as they have chosen to name it, is located within the Cinepax cinema’s premises at Packages Mall. It has been conceptualized as the go-to spot for parents who want to bond with their children in an enjoyable setting, rather than the kids visiting places like restaurants where they aren’t allowed to freely express their thoughts and creativity.

The brand is bound to appeal to children, belonging to all age groups with its creative décor that has been innovatively and tastefully done. The décor includes family sofa beds, curve lounges and dory bean bags within the usual cinema setup to provide a comfort zone for all family members as per their ease level

The ambiance of the cinema hall also includes an area for children to play in, even during the movie. So instead of being tied down to a cinema chair, children can get up and play in the area even during the movie. The area is called the mini-playground, and it takes 10.3 meter slide to get to the mini playground.

Peek Freans Gluco has always supported child development. With this, Gluco has been an active part of several initiatives catering to children including “World Robot Olympiad” and the first ever animated blockbuster movie of 2018, “Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor”. Gluco Minipax is another milestone in our mission of educating our children and ensuring a brighter future by working on their personalities by encouraging family time. The brand welcomes kids at any time to join the fun and spend their time coloring, drawing or a book Lounge.

This type of cinema entertainment has been designed to keep in mind the requirements of kids and is proving to be extremely important for the society.