“Pray that the sorrow in your life is not so much

as to destroy you and is not so little that your

eyes remain forever without tears.”

–Wasif Ali Wasif

Wasif Ali Wasif was a teacher, writer, and a poet. He was famous for his unique literary style. He used to write short pieces of prose on topics like love, life, fortune, fear, hope, expectation, promise, prayer, happiness, and sorrow. He used to write a regular column for Urdu daily “Nawa-i-Waqt.”

In his lifetime, most of his columns were compiled in book form. He would recite mystic poetry in Urdu and Punjabi languages before his audience and then explain the secrets of life that these poems contained. Probably no contemporary Urdu writer is more cited in quotations than he is.

In his later years he used to answer questions in specially arranged gatherings in Lahore. His sittings never had a set subject nor did he lecture on chosen topics. His way was to ask people if they had questions and then he responded to these queries in a style that made him unique from his contemporary. In these times when the society is highly polarized, a revisit of his works can weave the ruptured fabric of the society.