Islamabad - Hydropower generation from Mangla Dam has come to zero after Irsa has stopped releasing water from the reservoir. “Irsa has closed Mangla powerhouse and water releases reduced to ‘nil’ due to low demand in Punjab,” said Irsa spokesman here Sunday.

Meanwhile, a source said that it is for the second time in its entire history that water releases from Mangla Dam have come to zero.

On October 1st, Irsa advisory committee had forecast that the water shortage during Rabi season will be 38 percent.

However the source said that during first 10 days of October the water inflows were 3 to 5 percent less than the Irsa forecast.

To review the water availability situation for the Rabi season a meeting of Irsa is being convened on 31st October, the source said.

The source said that when the Irsa reduced water releases from Tarbella Dam mysteriously water inflows also decreased in River Indus. When the discharge from Tarbella was 35,000 cusecs the inflows in Indus were 31,000 cusecs, however, when the releases were decreased the inflows fell down to 27,000 cusecs.

The source said intentionally data of decreased water inflows is being provided to Irsa.

The total inflows on Sunday were 54,000 cusecs against the total outflows 48,000 cusecs.

The source said that Punjab has reduced its demand from Jhelum and Indus to zero, however, it’s getting 4000 cusecs from Thal canal and 1000 cusecs from CRBC. Sindh has also reduced its intend to 30,000 cusecs, the source maintained. Sindh has said that it will need 55,000 to 60,000 cusecs water in the first week of November for Rabi sowing season.

On Sunday, position of river inflows and outflows at Tarbella, Mangla and Chashma along with the reservoir levels and the barrages were:

In river Indus at Tarbella, the inflows were 27,000 cusecs and outflows 30,000 cusecs, inflows in Kabul at Nowshera were 5,600 cusecs and outflows 5,600 cusecs, Jhelum at Mangla inflows 8,600 cusecs and outflows 100 cusecs, Chenab at Marala inflows 12,200 cusecs and outflows 7,200 cusecs.

Inflows in Jinnah Barrage were 5,7300 cusecs and outflows 53,300 cusecs, Chashma inflows 41,000 cusecs and outflows 33,000 cusecs, Taunsa inflows 41,300 cusecs and outflows 41,300 cusecs, Panjnad inflows 2,800 cusecs and outflows 2,800 cusecs, Guddu inflows 48,500 cusecs and outflows 39,200 cusecs, Sukkur inflows 35,600 cusecs and outflows 9700, Kotri inflows 12,800 cusecs and outflows Nil.

Water level in Tarbella is presently at 1481.92 feet against the minimum operating capacity of 1386 feet. The maximum conservation level of dam is 1550 feet.

Mangla Dam against the minimum operating level of 1050 feet is having 1155.45 feet water level presently. The maximum conservation level of Mangla is 1242 feet.

Chashma against the minimum operating level of 638.15 feet is presently storing water at 645.30 feet. The maximum conservation level of Chashma is 649 feet.