In a recent report, a father has raped his 12 year old daughter in Lahore. Girls are always being victim by their own brothers and fathers. Almost in last month more than8 rape cases were went in police stations from several places of Pakistan. With the passage of times, Pakistan is being like India where in each 15 minutes a girl will be raped, Imran Khan failed to controlled sexual harassment, which made girls unable to get education in their own country. Imran Ali was hanged in Lahore, but Pakistan is full of Like this Imran Ali, who never let girls out sides.  

Before also a brother with his two friends have given kickbacks to a peon for stopping a girl, with whom they have thought for doing sexual harassment, and peon has stopped, his both friends have raped her and the last one was the brother of her, when he saw her then became shameful of his bad thoughts, which happened on his own sister. This issue has been losing the lives of Pakistani girls, since long ago and making Pakistan shameful by other countries, it has been breaking the relationships of Pakistan to other Muslim countries. At the end, government needs to have a great research on those who have did rape and thought about doing rape and give them solid punishment, which should change the negative minds for saving the girls children. 


Kech, October 19.