Geneva     -     Switzerland’s Green Party made historic gains in national elections Sunday, while the anti-immigrant right wing remained the largest party in parliament despite a slip in its support. Projections released by public broadcaster RTS, based on near complete results, confirmed the pre-vote forecast that rising concerns about climate change were set to trigger an electoral “green wave”.

The Greens garnered 13 percent support, exceeding their pre-election projection. It marked a six-point bump on their 2015 performance, according to projections by RTS, political research firm Gfs Bern and national press agency ATS. 

The Green Liberals -- an environmentalist party with libertarian socio-economic policies also gained ground, taking 7.9 percent of the vote compared with less than five percent in 2015.  Focus will swiftly turn to whether the Greens -- or a coalition of the two environmentalist parties will demand one of the seven cabinet positions that are shared among the leading political parties.