KARACHI      -     On the occasion of the International Day of Home-based Workers, a large number of home-based workers staged a big rally in Karachi on Monday and demanded of the Sindh government to issue early notification of rules and procedures of Sindh Home-based Workers Act so that the law could be practically implemented.

The rally staged from Fuwara Chowk marched to the Karachi Press Club (KPC), led by HBWWF central general secretary Zehra Khan.  Carrying flags, banners and placards, they chanted slogans for their rights.

Addressing the rally, Zehra Khan said the home-based women workers of the country, especially Sindh province, as a result of their untiring struggle of 10 years, had got accepted their legal status, which was a historic milestone not for the home-based workers of this country but also for this region. She said HBWWF had been raising voice for last three decades for women workers, including peasant women of Okara, leady health workers, lady teachers and nurses. She said it had waged a historical struggle and strengthened the labor movement in Pakistan, resulting in not only improving the lot of home-based workers but also changing the thought process in the society.

National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) Nasir Mansoor said that the struggle of women home-based workers was heroic and historic and now factory laborers also consulted with them for forming trade union. He said it was heartening that now a large number of home-based workers were forming their unions and becoming a strong voice against atrocities of capitalism.

The rally demanded that the government of Sindh should make rules of the Home-based Workers Act and issue its notification and practically implement the law.