It’s time about to the Government of Pakistan to take a strong action so as to limit the birth rate of the country. It’s true that the birth rate has crossed the unemployment rate of the country, so how the country will be able to fulfill the basic commodities. If we see the high increasing rate of the country then in 2025 we will not be able to get a single drop of water. Further more, there are some countries they have controlled their birth rate put kept them in limit, such as China, Iran and Spain. China also brings out some polices so as to limit the unlimited birth rate namely “One child policy and two child policy. Pakistan is the 6th populated country in the world and the recent rate is recorded approximately 217,440,475. If we compare the birth rate to unemployment then we will must predict a unpleasant future for ourselves.

It the end I urge the government of Pakistan to make some such polices that we could control this fact.