Following the arrest of Capt (Retired) Safdar Awan after his questionable conduct at the mausoleum of Quad e Azam, Indian media found an opportunity to conduct an assault on the state of Pakistan through an absurd narrative of ‘Civil war in Pakistan’. From electronic media channels to social media trolls of RAW and their surrogates overseas as well as some deranged activists of political parties in Pakistan, hell broke loose with Indian studio rooms blazing with all the guns at their disposal.

Indian masses, addicted to post-truth perception management by the media headed by the pack of fake news generators, did not realise that Bollywood and what happens in Pakistan are two different things.

Coming to the role of a segment of RSS sponsored Indian media, which we call the “Republic of Absurdity”. TV channels like Zee News, Republic TV, CNN 18, India Today, Times Now and ABP Ananda form this quad of absurd media in India. These channels have been probably commissioned to run the Hindutva Agenda of RSS and their main constituency are the Bhakts and cow vigilantes. This Republic of Absurdity keeps the Bhakts and ‘Patriots’ in an absurd and make-believe world of fantasy, and its jingoistic tone is one reason India and Pakistan reached the brink of nuclear Armageddon in Feb 2019.

In our piece on Post-Truth Chaos and Pakistan published in one of Pakistan’s English newspapers on October 5, we had forewarn on how Pakistan Army could be targeted in the coming days; a summary of the discourse is posted here to remind the readers.

We conducted a psychoanalysis of anti-state themes being generated by Indian chaos generators, especially after the PML-N leadership’s blatant assault on the state, and found that it is precisely targeting the bond between Pakistan Army and the people of Pakistan. Some of the chaotic themes are enumerated below:

Reminding the people that Pakistan Army is the albatross hanging on the neck of Pakistan since its inception; the time has come to get rid of this structure (Target Pakistan Army).

Stigmatising the national development role played by the Army in the disturbed areas of K-P, Balochistan and even GB, where the soldiers and officers are sacrificing their blood to protect the development projects and guard the borders (Target Pakistan Army).

Blaming the Pakistan Army for political engineering despite the fact that people voted for change in the last elections to get rid of the corrupt system (Target Pakistan Army).

Provide fuel to the Indian media (read RAW-sponsored media) with dubious data and anti-Pakistan narrative. Interestingly, Indian and anti-Army narrative being driven by some political parties has common strands (Target Pakistan Army).

Instead of appreciating the sacrifices of officers and soldiers of Pakistan Army in the war against terror—something that the entire world acknowledges as a big success story of our times—there is an effort of deflecting the discussion to imaginary and trivial aspects of ethno fascist nationalism. Unfortunate statements by some leaders inciting their supporters to surround the houses of Corps Commanders point to the heinous propaganda being used against the military leadership. This is something that Indian intelligence would desire (Target Pakistan Army).

Recent attempts to create a wedge between Law enforcement Agencies, Police vs Rangers, blowing it out of proportion, also points to the same narrative. It is interesting to note that international observers and even some sane voices from within India advised Indian media to avoid spreading ill-founded fake themes of chaos in Pakistan.

Michael Kugelman, an astute South Asia observer from US and Deputy director of Asia Program at the Wilson Center tweeted on October 21, ‘Indian disinformation accounts are exploiting Pakistan’s current political crisis and falsely claiming that the country is now experiencing urban warfare and other serious instability. Dangerous and disturbing; several of these accounts are verified, with large followings. Ugh’.

While Indian media and its trolls are praying for a Civil War in Pakistan, there is a need to peep into the state of Indian union today, a brief summary of some important happenings is posted below:

Nagaland Supremo, Thuingaleng Muivah in a recent interview with Karan Thapar categorically stated that Nagas will never become part of Indian Union. Deliberating on the unique history of Naga people he re-emphasised that Nagas will not compromise on an independent constitution and a flag, while Nagaland could coexist India as a separate entity, it will never merge with Indian Union. Muivah added “We have stood our ground on these two non-negotiable issues and we shall continue to stand till the last man standing.”

Coming to Indian Punjab and even Haryana, poor farmers are in revolt for last four weeks, they are observing blockade of Punjab and it is virtually cut off from Mainland India, fuel supply to Punjab and even Indian Occupied Kashmir has been cut for last three weeks as farmer activists have blocked the trains entering into Punjab; more recently, Punjab Parliament passed three bills against Modi’s farms bills, which have totally rejected the stance of the centre, this may lead to further chaos as majority of Sikh farmers in Punjab and Haryana are now openly talking about Khalistan as the only solution.

Unfortunately, Pakistani media, barring few media houses, has not played its due part to respond to the Indian media’s assault on Pakistan. There is a need to show the mirror to Indian media about the glass house called the Indian Union. While Pakistan may have some tactical problems within, India is a powder keg, primed to implode in coming years, Modi’s fascist policies have already made it the epicentre of Islamophobia and lynch mobs, it just requires a match box to light the fires.