Islamabad   -  Association of Former Inspectors General of Police (AFIGP) on Wednesday expressed grave concern over the unfortunate incident of Karachi in which the high command of Sind Police was reportedly “ridiculed” and “mishandled” on October 19.

In a statement, AFIGP said the incident had a very negative impact on the jurisdictional integrity and morale of the entire police force. The senior officers honourably opted to go on long leaves rightly feeling the “heartache” and “resentment” created due to the unfortunate events following the incident. 

“The response of Sind police has been measured and mature which has contained the situation. It is a matter of satisfaction that inquiries have been ordered at appropriate forums,” the statement said.

AFIGP expressed the hope that inquiries would address all aspects of the incident and just and transparent measures would be taken to avoid repetition of such mistakes in future that would ensure institutional integrity and operational autonomy of the police.